Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 (Early Dismissal)


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please pick up a copy of “The Monkey Garden” off my desk.
3.     Get out a highlighter or a pen or pencil.

Strategy--Visualizing—what is it?  Why does it help you be a stronger reader?
·       Let’s talk about the five senses:  smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight.
·       I will read aloud from the chapter "Monkey Garden" from Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street.
·       You highlight details that help you VISUALIZE the text.
·       You put a question mark where you have questions about a word or are confused.
·       We’ll stop and share the periodically.

Read and Relax (Start at 9:50.)
·       You have thirty minutes to read your free reading book.


When You Come In
·       Sign in.
·       Review your annotations from “Cat in the Rain”.
·       Type ONE question or ONE point you want to hear discussed in class here:
1.           Willis and Emily:  Why is it so important that the lady not get wet?
2.          Jared +Mitch+Regan:  I don’t like how the girl kept complaining about the cat.
3.          Dana & Marcee: Why are the husband and wife’s maturity level so different?
4.          Shelby & Shannon: Why does the wife have to say that she likes everything???? >.<
5.          Alex wants to know why the man’s name is said but why the woman’s name is not said?? Hehe
6.         Gavin and Jose and Cammy and Alex: Is there significance to calling the woman the American Wife in the first half then the American Girl in the second half?
7.          Nate and Bryton: Why did the maid react the way she did when the woman spoke English?
8.         Shelby w.: what is so interesting about the  cat?
9.         Wesley & Jessica: Why does the lady like the door man so much?

Short Movie Viewing
·       What do you see or notice in the movie that you didn’t notice as you read the story?
·       How does the movie change your thinking about the story?

1.      Google Docs (quick tutorial/review)
2.   User name = first name.last name, then the rest
3.    Everyone’s password:  123demons852 (Obviously, you should reset this today.)
4.     Journal Quote (Ten minutes—use the iBook for the quote and assignment; write for ten minutes in your journal.

·       Read and annotate the essay, “She Breaks Your Heart.”  (homework grade, due TOMORROW)
·       Vocab sushi  ASSIGNMENT (due Friday)
·       Vocab sushi QUIZ (due Monday)

Due to the copy machine being broken, and an additional printer problem, we could not get “The Harvest” for everyone to annotate by the time class ended.  We’ll have that tomorrow.

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