Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Hello, Reading!
Monday, 9/26/2011
Day Twenty-Two

When You Come In
·      Please sign in.
·      Please get a Bookmark Journal #4 off my desk.
·      Please get a Reading Actively sheet off my desk.

·      It’s mid-term week.
·      We have iBooks for a vocabulary activity Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.
·      The vocabulary Mid-Term test will be Friday.

·      Everybody Up for one round of vocabulary review.

Strategy:  Reading Actively
·      Let’s discuss the assignment together.
·      You work on it on your own, then read your free reading book when you’re done.
·      We’ll pair-share, then discuss answers as a class (fifteen-twenty minutes of work time).
·      Jenny is recording for me.  I’d like to hear from everyone once—and let’s be quick about it!  J

Read and Relax
·      Bookmark Journal #4:  Reading Actively
·      Please come up to the computer and type in your extra-credit vocabulary during reading today or tomorrow.

Hello, AP!
Day Twenty-Two

When You Come In
·       Sign in.
·       Grab your journals off the window sill.  If yours isn’t there, I’m keeping it for another day.
·       Also grab a pink packet from the desk.

Poetry—Billy Collins
·       Get out your poetry terms, defined.
·       Get our your Journals, and date a new page called “Billy Collins and Poetry”.
·       Listen to the following three poems:  “The Lanyard”, and “More Than a Woman”, and then “Litany”.
·       In your poetry trios, complete the worksheet page entitled “Section I:  The Beginning”.

Right After Lunch
·       Itty-Bitty Vocabulary Quiz #2

Impossible Thank-You Letter Poem Brainstorming (15 minutes)
1.      Create a new heading in your journal with the above title and today’s date.
2.     Brainstorm a list of people you would like to thank.  After the person’s name, write ONE SENTENCE that tells what you want to thank him/her for.
3.     Select ONE of these people, and make a list of all the things you want to thank them for.  Be as specific as you can.
4.     Pair-share with a new person—have them sign your journal margin!  Tell them
o   WHO you’re thanking
o   what your “big idea” is
o   what you’re excited about at this point
o   what you think will be a challenge

Poetry Vocabulary (20 minutes)
·       Everybody Up!  Let’s see what you know about the language we use to talk about poems.

·       Itty-Bitty Vocabulary Quiz #3 Words
·       Alabaster
·       Resonance
·       Taciturn
·       Motif
·       nihilism
1.      Write a thank you letter IN THE FORM OF A POEM to someone impossible to thank (in the vein of Billy Collins’ poem to his mother, “The Lanyard”).
a.     Write or type at least (minimum) one page.
b.     Use at least ten specific details. (Think “The Lanyard”.)
c.     Be concrete, not abstract, as much as possible. (Think “The Lanyard”.)
d.     Rough drafts are due TUESDAY.
e.     Final drafts are due WEDNESDAY, typed.

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