Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday! September, 23rd, 2011


·       Making Inferences—Let’s finish reading and discussing “The Wife’s Tale”, and let’s finish making our ten inferences.

·       IF we can finish “The Wife’s Tale” with some strong inferences, we will play SLAP IT! 
·       Three rounds, first one is picture side up and opposite gender partner

Read and Relax
·       Read for thirty minutes.

Hey, AP.  Happy Friday!

Homework Due/When You Come In
·       Metaphor! (already saved in google docs)
·       Grab a Metaphor sheet off my desk. (uploaded to google docs for Marcee and Shan)
·       Sign in.

·       What is a metaphor?
·       How can your use of them make your writing stronger?
·       What are eighteen kinds of metaphors?

Classify the Metaphors
·       In your poetry trios, examine the metaphors in the google docs folder.  Identify which ones are which.  On a sheet of notebook paper, simply make two columns titled “Name” and “Type of Metaphor”, and list your group’s classification for each person’s metaphor.  You do not need to go in order!
Metaphor Class Discussion
·       How did we classify each metaphor?
·       What knocked you out about the metaphor you chose?

·       Trio Work

Right After Lunch
·       Itty-Bitty Vocab Quiz #1

·       Trio Work
·       Reread the assignment directions.
·       Reread what you did yesterday.
·       Complete all outstanding items between now and 1:15.

Homework for Monday
·       Vocab Sushi
·       Study five new vocab words for Itty-Bitty Vocab Quiz #2
1.      demagoguery                 
2.     paradox                                                                                                           
3.     aesthetic                 
4.     jingoism                 
5.     epitome

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