Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


Day 5

·      Sign in, please.
·      Pick up a green handout for the new vocab. Words.

New Vocabulary
·      Tenacious
·      Pacify

Vocabulary Review
·      Extra Credit Record
·      Picture Quiz
·      On a sheet of notebook paper, write “PICTURE QUIZ #1” at the top, date it with “8/31”, and number from 1-27.
o   To augment (verb)
o   Novice (noun)
o   Adversity (noun)
o   Circuitous (adjective)
o   Haughty (adjective)
o   Resilient (adjective)
o   Tenacious (adjective)
o   To Pacify (verb)

·      Syllabus
·      Binder Organization

Read and Relax
1.      Morgan C.
2.     Alicia
3.     Anna
4.     Flor

5.     Jenny
6.    Abby
7.     Courtney
8.    Bailey

Welcome, AP!

Day Five

1.      Please sign in when you arrive, then start looking over the notes for your group’s presentation.
2.     Blog Reminder
3.     Review presentation expectations
a.     Evaluation criteria (overhead)
b.     Sit at the circle table.
c.     Use the mic.
d.     Be quick and focused with transitions.  Keep things moving.

Nabokov “Good Readers and Good Writers” Presentations
·       Be good audience members:  look, lean and listen.
·       Take solid notes that make sense to you, and that add to your thinking.
·       Label these notes, “Nabokov Presentations”, and date it with today’s date.

Journal Quote—Last One for Our Reading Theme (Reflection Day Tomorrow)
“When we write, we compose thoughts on paper.  When we read, we compose meaning in our minds.  Thoughtful, active readers use the text to stimulate their own thinking and to engage wit the mind of the writer.  Readers construct and maintain understanding by merging their thinking with the text.  They have an ongoing inner conversation with the author as they read, a dialogue of sorts where the reader engages with and talks back to the writer throughout their reading.”  (STW; Harvey and Goudvis)

·       Vocabu Sushi—Assignment #2
o   This is a two-day assignment, because you have more questions to answer this time.  Work some today, and some tomorrow.
o   You must complete all items by 11:20AM Friday.

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