Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hello, Reading! 

Day Four

When You Come In
·       Initial attendance on the clipboard on my desk.

Vocabulary Instruction
·       Title it “Vocabulary, 8/30”
·       Write down TWO examples of someone you know RECOVERING from a setback or an adversity.
1.      My grandma had cancer, which was an adversity to our whole family.  But she had chemotherapy, and now she’s recovering.  She’s a survivor. 
2.     Diego Maradona—he overcame an injury that put him out for eight months (adversity)—he got physical therapy and training.  He also overcame a cocaine addiction (adversity), and he went to rehab to get better.  He overcame an unhealthy weight gain (adversity).

·       Write down TWO celebrities or famous people you feel are arrogant and stuck-up.
1.      Turrell Owens—he showboats/excessive celebration with the Riverdance everytime he scores.  He brags. 
2.     Lil’ Wayne—says he’s the greatest rapper alive.
3.     Charlie Sheen—on the radio, he said “Two and a Half Men” can’t go without him.
4.     Chad Ocho Cinco—before games, he talks trash; he celebrates in the end zone; claims he’s the only one the opponent is looking to stop.

·       Two new words (green handout)
1.      Resilient
2.     Haughty
·       Synonym = PROUD
·       Antonym = HUMBLE

·       If you’re absent, or absent-minded, here’s where you can go to see what you missed in class:  www.kdubzclasses.blogspot.com
·       Make-Up Reading Sheet

Bookmark Journal #1
·       Explanation
·       I’m giving you ten extra minutes today during Read-and-Relax.  This will give you time to READ, THINK, and WRITE.

Read and Relax
·       Get your blue sheet (reading log).
·       Fill it out.
·       Read and enjoy your just-right book for thirty minutes!  J

Carpet Corner (GENTLEMEN)
1.      Brody
2.     Matthew
3.     Laramie
4.     Jordan
5.     Caleb

1.      Alan the Clapper
2.     Joey
3.     Matt B.
4.     Alan R.
5.     Travis

Hey, AP!  J

Day Four

When You Come In Today
·       Sign in, please!
·       Get a blue sheet of my desk.

Homework Due
·                Completed Wiki #3.
·                Completed reading and annotating of Nabokov’s essay

Reading Journal Questions Over Good Readers and Good Writers
1.      In your Reading Journal, answer the two questions assigned to you.  Your answers should be thoughtful, detailed, and in complete sentences.  You should USE AT LEAST ONE EXAMPLE from the text (Nabokov) to support your point.
2.     When I call time, get with your discussion group.  Everyone will read his/her answer directly from the journal—no ad-libbing!  J  Your writing should stand on its own.
3.     Discuss!  Clarify questions.  Agree.  Disagree.  Make connections.
4.     Look up any word you don’t know, and do online research if necessary, to understand your question fully.
5.     Take notes in your Reading Journal.  Title them, “Nabokov Group Discussion”.  I want to see evidence that you’re listening to each other, and that you’re thinking about what other people are saying.
6.     Select the person who seems to have the strongest handle on what took place during the discussion, and that will be your group’s spokesperson.  He/she will present your thoughts and findings to the class.

1, 4
·       Jia
·       Regan
·       Shan
·       Jose
·       Emily

2, 10
·       Jared
·       Shelby
·       Alex M.
·       Dana

5, 6
·       Marcee
·       Gavin
·       Teara
·       Alex T.

7, 8
·       Mitch
·       Jess
·       Abby
·       Cammy
9, 10
·       Nate
·       Bryton
·       Wesley
·       Shelby W.

Journal Quote
·       Use the Ursula LeGuin quote on the cover of your textbook.  Write for seven minutes.

Group Project Work Time (twenty-five minutes)

·       Last five minutes—stand up until you get it!  J

·       None

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