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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


(5 minutes)  Prepare for and understand the assignment.
·       Get into the following trios:
1.      Regan, Jake E. and Alexa
2.     Adam, Jia and Erin
3.     Kevin, Brock and Shelby
4.     Miguel, Shannon and Maverick
5.     Bryton, Colton and Dillon
6.     Jared, Kat and Jordan
7.     Jake R, Tara and Dakota
·       Read the directions for the Cliché Group Writing Assignment on page 11.
·       Read the directions—I’m saying it twice, so it’s probably important!
·       Review pages 9-10 in your book.

(20 Minutes) Complete Step 1 on page 11.

NOTE:  If you want more models, check the circle table--there is ONE copy of each story-model per group.  

(40 minutes)  Understand the Criteria, and Create the Story!
·       Read all the information for “Step 2” on page 11.
·       Read all the information under “Evaluation Criteria” on  page 11. 
·       Now create your story!

(5 minutes)  Save and print your stories.
• Save it in the “Cliché Story” folder in “HS Classes/Creative Writing”.
Student Volume
 Student Files
  HS Classes
    Creative Writing
     Cliché Stories, 2011
·       Print three copies of the story, each FRONT/BACK, and give them to each member of the trio.  You will read aloud from them on FRIDAY.

Homework—due tomorrow when you walk in the door!

Writing Experiment #5
·      Select ONE of the following choices to write about. 
·      Set a timer for twenty minutes.  Write or type for the full twenty minutes. 
·      TYPE this assignment (and doublespace it), if you can do so at a reasonable pace.
·      Record the time you started, and the time you stopped, at the top of your typed page.
·      Note:  I’m skeptical of experiments that are a half-page or less—you wrote for more than that in only ten minutes when you did your first writing assignment on day one of class.  USE THE FULL TWENTY MINUTES for this assignment—focus on the writing, and eliminate the distractions that might claim your attention.

DUE:  TOMORROW, THURSDAY, in Mr. Collins’ hand, when the tardy bell rings.

Option 1:  This I Believe
You probably share a basic outlook on life with your friends.  However, most people have a few beliefs that would shock their friends.  Write about a belief of yours that annoys or surprises the people who are close to you.

Option 2:  Making a Comeback
According to the cliché,
Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.”

In your life, has this proven true?  Have you always recovered from setbacks?

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