Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


Peer Conferencing (8:10-8:30)
·       Prompt Word Poem Trade and Grade

Reflection and Organization--Mid-term Self-Evaluation (8:30-8:40)
1.      Staple your  Mid-Term in this order:
a.     Mid-term self-evaluation, completed (on top)
b.     Gradesheet (in middle)
c.     The piece you will allow your parent to read tonight at conferences
2.     Lay it on my desk, and initial next to your name in the highlighted column.

Writing Lesson Review (8:40-8:43)
·       What's important to remember about using and editing dialogue?

Writing Assignment (8:43-8:53)
·       Begin a Story with a Given First Line--Where Were You Last Night?
·       Big Picture = page 20.
·       Models:  book example; Ben T’s; Ethan B’s

Writing Workshop (8:53-9:35)
·       Twenty Minutes = Type and save your rough draft in google docs.
·       Twenty Minutes = Continue your Partner Dialogue Story

·       Finish your Partner Dialogue Story (15 minutes)

Pay Shelby $3 if you ordered doughnuts.

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