Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursday, 4/21, and Tuesday, 4/26

CREATIVE WRITING (Tuesday, 4/26)

Writing Experiment #9

  • Dear Kiddo (Directions are in your google docs in our Creative Writing Class Collection). (20 minutes to type, after viewing two models--Kennedy and Edmund, both in your google docs)

Ogden Nash Poems (in your google docs)

  • We read all the poems aloud, and then we had a few minutes to type our own.  A few people shared.

Where Were You Last Night?

  • We had twenty minutes to continue draft #1, which we will share aloud with a small group on THURSDAY.
  • Musical Memory Journal (assignment in your google docs)
Reminder:  We're going to STEWART tomorrow.  Be here on time!

CREATIVE WRITING (Thursday, 4/21)

  • We spent a lot of time on google docs, experimenting.
  • I showed everyone how to remove "Track Changes" from a poem for final draft.
  • We prepped for our Stewart field trip Wednesday.
  • We printed a clean copy of our AUTOBIO POEM to read to our third-grade writing buddy.
  • I showed models of NAME POEMS, and we each wrote our own, saved, and printed them to use with our writing buddy on Wednesday.
Homework:  None

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