Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011


·       Signed grade printout—in the drawer, please!  Thanks!
·       Prompt Word Poem, with rubric stapled on top—in the drawer, please.  Thanks!

Writing Lesson—Writing Dialogue!  8:25-8:35
Yes, This Means We’re Going to Write Some Stories!
·       Writing and editing dialogue—Let’s read the story on page 35 aloud, to see how to use and edit dialogue.  What do you notice?
·       With a partner, read the questions about dialogue on page 36—“Dialogue Worksheet”.
·       Read pages 38-9 to find the answers, and record them on page 36.
·       Let’s check page 36 in class.
·       Let’s use the words you used in #10 to talk about “Words to Use Instead of ‘Said’”
·       Take a look at the Partner Dialogue Story:  Model.
·       You’re going to write your own story with a partner.  Go!  J

Cliché Stories—Everyone has to make at least one edit!
·       Read aloud the last unshared cliché story.
Six-Word Memoirs
·       Jake—Carrie Underwood is a true goddess. 

·       Decide who’s going to whose room Wednesday
·       Paper pass-back.
·       Folder  log-in.

·       Work on your partner dialogue story on google docs, if twenty minutes tomorrow won’t be enough time for you to finish.

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