Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 18th, 2011


Note:  Prompt Word Poems are due TOMORRW with the completed rubric.

Writing Lesson--Making Titles that are Better than this One
·       Get a handout entitled, "Making Titles...."
·       Get an Earthbook--any issue will work.
·       Complete the worksheet.
·       Put your name on the worksheet, and drop it in the drawer.
·       Neatly put your EB back where you got it.

1.      Get a rubric for the Autobiographical Poem off the circle table.  Carefully read how I will evaluate this assignment—BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND!
2.     Go into the Student Volume in HS Classes, and open the rough draft of this poem.  Do you see my comments there?  Good! Some comments are editing, but many are comments you can use for revision.
3.     Make sure "Track Changes" is on, and all your boxes are checked.  Otherwise, you will receive a zero for this second draft.
4.     Revise this poem, doing any of the following as needed to make your poem super-strong, strong enough to include in your PORTFOLIO:
a.     Add more specific details and examples, concrete things the reader will be able to picture in his/her mind.
b.     Make sure the word at the end of each line is powerful.
c.     Make sure the title is a knock-out!
d.     Use your red Vocabulary Variety page to substitute more precise words for vague or non-descriptive words.
e.     Use at least one color.
f.      Use at least one sound.
g.     Use at least one texture.
5.     Revise it to final draft form, making AT LEAST ten changes (add; delete; switch around; substitute).
6.     Save it over the old version in the class folder.  Do not print it.
7.     Thoughtfully fill out the rubric when you finish your poem, then put it in the drawer.
8:55—Stop working; save.
8:55—Thoughtfully fill out your rubric, then put it in the drawer.

Meet with Me
·       Read me your Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies poem aloud.  (I have it.)

Google Docs
Upload your Prompt Word Poem.  Share it with me.

·       Prompt Word Poem (due tomorrow at 8:10)
·       Prompt Word Poem Rubric, thoughtfully completed BEFORE you get to class

Last Ten Minutes--Organization
·       I will answer the questions you still have about this class
·       Don’t be absent WEDNESDAY 4/27—we’re going to Stewart!
·       Get your parent letter signed, and bring it back tomorrow, please!

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