Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Happy Friday, People!  

UPDATE:  The Prompt Word Poem is due TUESDAY!

First Thing
·       Throw Journal #2 in the drawer by 8:10, please.
·       Grab your folder. Off circle table.

Quick-Write (Five Minutes)  8:14-8:19
·       Look at your Best and Worst list from last Friday.  What do you notice?
·       Take out a sheet of notebook paper.
·       In the few minutes you have, make two lists:
o   Best of the Week
o   Worst of the Week
·       If you complete both lists, start another list:  what you’re most looking forward to in the next two weeks.
·       For 100%, you have to write the whole time.

Self-Assessment (8:23-8:28)
·       Look at your Death of Language assignment, and assess it (judge it) based on the assignment criteria.
·       If you did not type your assignment, write “not typed” on the assessment sheet as well.
·       Staple your assessment page on TOP of the assignment, then put it back in the drawer.

·       I’m going to walk you through creating an account.

Writing Assignment
·       Requirements and guidelines for the Autobiographical Poem (page 32). 
·       Kyle's model (p. 33).
·       Martha's and Nate's on the Big Screen.
·       Read the following BEFORE you start typing your poem:
o   Reasons for Breaking Lines (p. 31)
o   Vocabulary Variety (red sheet in your binder)
o   Tips on Titles (p. 34)

Writing Workshop (8:58-9:25)
·       Thirty minutes to work
·       Save it (no printing) in the Student Volume in the “Autobio Poems” as YOUR LAST NAME!

Google Docs
·       You should have an e-mail from me telling you I’m sharing a document with you.  You are able to edit it.  Get on the document, and fill out each column—then you’re done.  You’ve successfully editing your first google doc!   Congrats!

·       None—but if you have any missing daily assignments, you must contract with me today for what assignments you will hand in Monday.

UPDATE:  The Prompt Word Poem is due TUESDAY!

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