Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011


Writing Lesson #1--Paragraphing
·       Beginning a New Paragraph--Read this aloud together as a class.  (p. 28)
·       Practice putting in paragraphs on page 29--an excerpt from author John Green.
·       Compare our answers with a partner, making changes if needed.
·       Look at the author's version of paragraph breaks, and we talked about how ours were similar, and how ours were different.

Writing Lesson #2--Making Line Breaks
·       Read the directions; then I’ll model how to work with partners to complete the assignment on page 30.
·       Take ten minutes with partners to break the poems into lines, then talk about how and why.
·       Get back together as a class to chat about the hows and whys, after we looked at the authors' original breaks.

·       We’ll put up the cliché stories, and read them aloud.
·       We’ll practice PARAGRAPHING.

·       None

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