Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011


·       Death of Language—drop it in the drawer now, please.

Diction Review
·       Choosing Precise Adjectives
a.     Don't use "very" and "really" when you write.
b.     Be vivid in your description, so the reader can visualize what you're talking about. 
c.     Avoid using generic words like "great" and "awesome", which are imprecise and mean different things to different people.
·       Playing with Words—what words SUGGEST meanings?
o   You have five more minutes with your partner to add to your lists. (8:22-8:27)
o   We’ll share out with the whole class.
·       Vocabulary Variety
o   These are word lists that are all about diction!  You should have sheet out every time you’re working on a writing assignment for class.

Writing Assignment
·       Revising the I Am a Russian Tailor assignment (Follow handout directions)  8:45-ish to 9:05
·       Writing Experiment #7--Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies
·       Fifteen minutes to type; trade with partner for five questions.

·       Folder log-in

·       None

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