Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Happy Monday, people!  J

Big Picture
·       Let’s review the Unit One Overview (p. 3).
·       Write your answers to the questions.
·       What questions can we answer already?
·       What is coming up in the rest of this unit?

Writing Lesson
·       What writing lessons have we learned thus far?
·       Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 12)—let’s discuss this page, and then we’re going to revise the imprecise sentences.  START TIME: 8:41         END TIME:  8:51
·       We’ll share them with partners (X 3) for smileys when we’re done, then everyone will share his/her strongest, most precise sentence.
·       We talked about “relative” terms—tall, for example.  Thank you to Jordan and Brock, and Tara and Erin, for being our visual aids.

Writing Experiment #3--I Am a Russian Tailor
·       I’ll explain the assignment.
·       I’ll read you several models.
·       I’ll show you where to save these today.

·       Writing Experiment #4—handout—three choices

Writing Experiment #4
·      Select ONE of the following choices to write about. 
·      Set a timer for twenty minutes.  Write or type for the full twenty minutes. 
·      TYPE this assignment (and doublespace it), if you can do so at a reasonable pace.
·      Record the time you started, and the time you stopped, at the top of the page.

DUE:  TOMORROW, TUESDAY, in the drawer, when the tardy bell rings

Spilled Popcorn
What’s the worst movie you’ve seen recently?  Imagine you’re a film critic and write a couple of paragraphs tearing this movie to shreds.

I’m Grateful
Even the dreariest, most awful weeks aren’t bad twenty-four hours a day.  Think of a few things that have happened this week that you’re grateful for.

Breaking Up
Woody Allen once said,

“It’s better to be the leaver than the leavee.”

Do you agree?  Would you rather dump someone than get dumped yourself?  Which do you think is more painful? 

  1. I reminded everyone that today is the official Book #1 deadline, for people who are trying to stay on track for an "A".
  2. We reviewed what to do when you finish reading a book.
  3. I had book chats with five people today.
  4. I read Shelfari reviews today.
  5. We had a book chat with a new partner over character.
  6. We made nametags.
  7. We read for approximately sixty minutes today.


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