Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011


Please pick up your Around the Block poem and your Academic Fraud worksheet off the circle desk. table.

Writing Lesson:  Revision
1.      We’re going to re-read, re-see, re-think---REVISE—our Around the Block poems.
2.     Your grade on the first draft was for completion:  100/100.
3.     Your grade for this draft will be based on two things
a.     Making at least ten changes
b.    Using the suggestions we’re about to talk about to make your revised draft STRONGER
4.     Let me show you how to turn on TRACK CHANGES—this is how you’ll get the grade for this assignment.
5.     Save your revised draft, print it, then staple the REVISED copy on top of the original.  Drop it in the drawer.
Start Time:  8:33
End Time:  8:53

If you finish early, read more six-word memoirs, OR mess around on the save the words site.

·      Everyone typed ONE of his/her six-word memoirs on the Big Screen, and each person read his/her.

·      We all decorated folders, and we got back two pieces and logged them in.
·      We decorated our nametags.

Writing Lesson Review
·      Let’s briefly discus what surprised us about the information about cheating on pages 4-5.
·      Put that worksheet in your binder between pages 4 and 5, please.

Class Success Discussion/Clarifications
·      Survival Tips Worksheet—get back with the partners you discussed these with two days ago.  Work on filling in as many blanks as you can in the five minutes you have.  We’ll talk about these more as a class Monday.

  • None, unless you’ve been absent and are playing catch-up.

  • I used Jared as a guinea pig and showed how to write a Shelfari review when you finish reading a book.
  • I also talked about the procedure for preparing for a scheduling a book chat with me.
  • I chatted with ten people about Book #1 today.
  • I explained that people need to update the binder when they start a new book.
  • I explained the Carpet Corner procedure, and I drew the first five names.

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