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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Since I'm going to be gone today, please use the following as your checklist for today.  Thanks!  :-)


Writing Workshop #1--Timed Writing Journal (continued from Monday)
  • Please re-read the directions on page 37 for the Childhood Lie or Memory.  
  • Re-read what you typed in class on Monday for this assignment.
  • Take fifteen to twenty minutes to finish this journal, then save it, print it front and back, and put it in the drawer for me to read, please.
Online Submission
  • Select ONE of your six-word memoirs (or more, if you so choose), and submit them at the following link:

Poetry Sounds Scavenger Hunt
  • Form groups of two to three.
  • Grab a green packet of the Form and Meaning poems you wrote this weekend.
  • Mr. Johnston has the directions!
Writing Workshop #2--Saying It Without Saying "It" Poem
  • You have twenty minutes to work on this assignment.  Please review your rubric, as well as pages 38-9 in your book before you dive in today.
  • This assignment is due FRIDAY when you walk in.
  • Two completed Post Secret Postcards (Thursday)
  • One photograph of you to use for the worksheet on page 40 (which we'll do in class tomorrow--Thursday)
  • Saying It Without Saying "It" Poem (Friday)


Class Announcements
  • Please do not be absent this FRIDAY.  We are going to Stewart to Mrs. Bailey's class to meet our third-grade writing buddies.  We are going to show them how to write an Autobiographical Poem.
  • We will ride the bus over there.
  • We will need to eat "C" lunch Friday, due to our field trip.
Writing Lesson--Titles, Part II!
  • Get a handout entitled, "Making Titles...."
  • Get an Earthbook--any issue will work.
  • Complete the worksheet.
  • Put your name on the worksheet, and drop it in the drawer.
  • Neatly put your EB back where you got it.
Writing Revision Assignment--Autobiographical Poem, Draft #2
  • Go into the Student Volume in HS Classes, and open the rough draft of this poem you wrote on Monday.  Do you see my comments there?  Good!
  • Make sure "Track Changes" is on, and all your boxes are checked.  Otherwise, you will receive a zero for this second draft.
  • Revise this poem, doing any of the following as needed to make your poem super-strong:
    • Add more specific details and examples, concrete things the reader will be able to picture in his/her mind.
    • Make sure the word at the end of each line is powerful.
    • Make sure the title is a knock-out!
    • Use your red Vocabulary Variety page to substitute more precise words for vague or non-descriptive words.
    • Use at least one color.
    • Use at least one sound.
    • Use at least one texture.
  • Did you make at least ten changes as listed above, or as a result of suggestions I made on your draft?  You need to make at least ten changes to receive full credit for this assignment.  How will I know you've made at last ten?  I'll see them as "Track Changes" on today's draft.
  • Save this second draft over the first one, in the same place as before.  I will look at them tonight.
DUE:  12:03

Reading and Writing Assignment #2:  The Six-Word Memoir
·      Rumor has it that when writer Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a short, short story, he penned this:  “Pair of baby shoes:  never worn.”
·      That’s only six words, but it tells a story.
  • ·      I want you to explore the six-word memoirs and stories here:  http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/
  • ·      Spend fifteen to twenty minutes just reading people’s memoirs.  You can browse, or you can click on a certain subject area, if you’re interested in memoirs on one topic.
  • ·      By the end of classtime today, you need to have your own six-word memoir (truth) typed and saved in the folder in HS Classes entitled "Six-Word Memoirs".  Save it as your last name.
  • Please write THREE six-word memoirs--that way, you can do a funny one, a serious one, and whatever else you come up with.
  • ·      I’d like to share these aloud to start off class tomorrow, but you can decide with ONE you want to share out of the THREE that you write.

Reading Assignment--Last One!
  • Go the the website below, and browse the list of words that this organization is trying to save.
  • After you browse for fifteen minutes, find THREE that you want to save.  
  • Type the word, the part of speech, and the definition, then a sentence about why you want to save it.
  • Save this document in the HS Classes folder called "Saved Words".

None, unless you need to finish any of the items listed above.


  • Read!

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