Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday, 2/10/11


Annotation and Discussion
  • We annotated Jessica's and Amanda's poems, then discussed them.
Sound Devices
  • We identified sound devices Adriana's poem and Ethan's poem (discussion for the work we did yesterday).  Yowza--there were lots of sound devices in those form and meaning poems!  :-)
Photo Focus Memory
  • We got out our photos, and we filled out page 40, then turned them in.
  • Saying It without Saying "It" poem
  • Party Item


How to be a Writing Mentor
  • We chose partners for the next four times we'll go to Stewart.
  • I went over the lesson plan for tomorrow:  writing an autobiographical poem.
  • I went over the guidelines and expectations for working with the third-graders tomorrow.
Writing Assignments
  • I went over the rubric for the Autobiography Poem, and then people had time to put finishing touches on it, fill out the rubric, then turn it in.
  • We also worked on draft #2 of the WWYLN--pages 41, items #1, 2 and 3.
  • Musical Memory Journal (p. 44)--due MONDAY

  • I worked with about a third of the class to set up Shelfari accounts, and they spent a good portion of the class creating their bookshelves.
  • We read for about sixty-five minutes.

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