Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



  • We spent the first half of class reading submissions, logging in new subs, updating and organizing.

Writing Assignment

  • Saying It Without Saying "It"
  • We listened to Bill Withers's song/poem "Grandma's Hands" (p. 38).
  • We brainstormed a list of our favorite people, then brainstormed physical, concrete things about them that would help us SHOW who they were/are.
  • I passed out the rubric and went over the expectations.
  • Due date:  FRIDAY (We'll fill out the rubric in class Friday morning.)
  • We passed back papers and did a folder log in.
Approaching Deadlines
  • Thursday:  TWO Post Secret Post Cards
  • Thursday:  ONE photo you can use for the worksheet on page 40
  • Friday:       Saying It Without Saying "It" poem (rubric to be completed in class Friday)


Writing Lesson Review
  • What's important to remember about using and editing dialogue? 
Writing Lesson
  • Words to Use Instead of "Said"
Collaborative Writing Time (thirty minutes)
  • Partner Dialogue Stories
Writing Assignment
  • Being a Story with a Given First Line--Where Were You Last Night?
  • I talked about the big picture on page 20.
  • I read the example in the book, and then I read Ben T's example.
  • We had thirty-five minutes to type and save our rough draft.
  • I called people back individually to check pages 18-19, the work we did in class over connotation.
  • None
  • We read for seventy-five minutes today.

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