Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, February 7th, 2011


  • Form and Meaning Poem
  • We split into three groups to unpack the three paragraphs on page 36, then got back together as a class to discuss them.
Writing Assignment (In-Class)
  • I talked about the two options on page 37, Childhood Lie OR Childhood Memory.  People picked one, and then typed for twenty minutes about it.
Writing Assignment (Out-of-Class)
  • I explained the Post Secret Post Card assignment on page 37, and then we looked at the slideshow for models.
  • I handed out TWO 4 x 6 index cards to each person.  TWO Post Secret Post Cards are due THURSDAY, one to share, one to mail anonymously.
  • We read our six-word memoirs and talked about how they were true and told a story, even though they were only six words long.  They were great!
Brain Pain
  • Scrabble Names
  • Two Post Secret Postcards for THURSDAY


  • Journal #2
Writing Assignment
  • I went over the requirements and guidelines for the Autobiographical Poem (page 32).  
  • I read Kyle's model (p. 33).
  • I read Martha's and James's model from the Big Screen.
  • I asked people to read the following BEFORE they started typing their assignment:

  1. Reasons for Breaking Lines (p. 31)
  2. Vocabulary Variety (red sheet in your binder)
  3. Tips on Titles (p. 34)
Writing Workshop
  • We worked on this for twenty minutes, then saved it in the Student Volume for me to read and comment on.
Writing Lesson
  • Writing and editing dialogue--we read the story on page 35 aloud, to see how to use and edit dialogue.
  • We got with a partner, and we filled about page 36, using pages 37-9 for help.
  • We checked page 36 in class, but saved #10 for tomorrow.
  • I passed out the partner dialogue story model, and then we had ten minutes to work with our partners on brainstorming and typing.
  • None
  • We read about seventy-five minutes today.
  • I had book chats with people as needed.

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