Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Writing Experiment
  • Dear Kiddo--Adriana, read aloud to the class the directions on page 6.
  • Ethan, please read Ben Peterson's poem (model) aloud to the class.
  • Everybody grab an iBook.  Type for twenty minutes on this letter.
  • Please save it, print it front and back to 212, then pick it up and drop it in the drawer.
Writing Lesson
  • Apparent Contradictions--read the directions for Assignment #2 on page 19.  
  • Select from the list your classmates created yesterday--copies of the master list are on the circle table.  Complete Assignment #2.
  • Save your typed responses on the Student Volume/HS Classes folder in ACW called "Apparent Contradictions".  (Save as your last name only, please.)
Writing Experiment (Leftover from Monday)
  • Finish your Class Poem Lines Revision poem, and save it in the class folder on the Student Volume as your last name.
Writing Experiment (Leftover from Yesterday)
  • By classtime tomorrow, make sure you have saved a final draft of your TWO LENSES poem in the class folder on the Student Volume.
Reminders--Talk about these as a whole class, with everyone getting a chance to say something, the last ten minutes.
  • Do we want to take snacks to our writing buddies on Friday?  We would need thirty whatevers--that would be enough snack for them and us.  Discuss this (keeping in mind what's "acceptable" under the Health and Wellness Policy), and leave me a note about the results.
  • Organize a breadstick order, if you'd like, for Thursday.  Someone can go get them during Snack Break, with a blue pass?  Everyone would need to bring money to my room right at the end of first block Thursday, so whoever is running to get the order has cash to pay. 

Writing Lesson--Diction (E. B. White)--page 51  (5 minutes)
  • Without talking to anyone else, complete the five questions for this lesson on page 51 in your book.  Use dark pen, or your answers will be unreadable.  We will discuss your answers tomorrow.  Thank you!
Portfolio Discussion (20 minutes)
  • In your groups, follow the directions on your Portfolio Thinking page (on the circle table; your group is highlighted), and answer all questions completely. 
  • Put your completed Portfolio Discussion Sheet in the drawer when your group finishes.
Writing Lesson--Answerless Questions (pages 56-7)    (30 minutes)
  • You asked for it, you got it--you have half an hour today to complete these two pages with thoughtful, detailed responses.  
Organization/Self-Assessment (10 minutes)
  • Pick up your Death of Language assignments off the circle table.
  • Pick up a Death of Language Self-Assessment sheet.
  • Follow the directions carefully.
Homework (due when you walk in Thursday)
  • Think of a person or an animal you know very well.  Visualize this person or pet in your mind for a few minutes.
  • List twenty concrete details about this person/animal.  Consider using a variety of the following ideas:  

  1. physical attributes
  2. what he/she/it looks like in action
  3. quirks
  4. signature clothing
  5. color he/she/it reminds you of
  6. machine he/she it reminds you of
  • Please read for the block.
  • You can grab an iBook, if you need to work on Shelfari.

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