Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


  • I put the Graphic Memoirs up on the Big Screen, and we passed them around as well.  Each writer/illustrator presented hers, and we discussed them briefly.
Writing Lesson
  • We talked about what an "oxymoron" is, as well as what a "paradox" is.  We jotted down a definition and examples of each.
  • Apparent Contradiction (p. 19) --we took five minutes to explain to ourselves what the ten apparent contradictions mean to us, and then we discussed them as a class.
  • We completed Assignment #1 today, and saved it on the Student Volume in our class folder.
Writing Experiment
  • Two Lenses (p. 5)--twenty minutes
  • I explained the assignment, and then I read two models.
  • We had a paper pass-back and a folder log-in.
  • None

When You Come In
·      Grab a purple packet off the circle table.  Yay!  It’s the new section of the textbook!

·      Unit 2—wrap it up!  (We discussed the big ideas.)
·      Unit 3—get prepared for what we’re working on the next two weeks.  (We discussed the big ideas.)

Big Screen Notes (p. 50)
·      Least Vivid to Most Vivid--we did this individually, then discussed our results.
·      Diction (Sandra Cisneros)--we did this individually, writing our answers on page 50, then discussed our results.
·      Vocabulary Variety—We took this page out and put it at the first of the new section of our textbook--we'll be using it a lot with this unit!

Writing Assignment (p. 60)
I explained the Sense Poem, and I read the models on page 60, and then we had about fifteen minutes to type a rough draft and save it in the class folder on the Student Volume.

Writing Assignment (pp. 56-7)
I explained how to do the Answerless Questions--two to three detailed sentences that show your thinking clearly.  We took a few minutes to start working on this assignment.  We have thirty minutes in class tomorrow.

  • We did a paper pass-back and a folder log-in.


  • We read for about sixty-five minutes.
  • Some people worked on Shelfari.
  • I conferenced with people as needed.

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