Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Writing Assignment
  • I explained the Graphic Memoir, and I showed models from last year.
  • I passed out the template for creating the Graphic Memoir.
  • We paired off and discussed pages 80-87 from Art Spiegleman's MAUS, and we filled out page 43.  We will have to discuss them on Monday, since I will not be here for class here tomorrow.

  • We continued sharing the Autobio Poems aloud, up on the Big Screen, and talking about what we learned about the person, and what detail was strong in his/her poem. 
  • We organized our Stewart Buddies materials, and we typed our buddy's poem, then saved it in the class folder in the Student Volume.
After Lunch--Directions
1. Type your Stewart buddy’s autobiographical poem, and save it as the buddy’s FIRST name in Creative Writing class folder called “Bailey’s Poems!”
2. Give Spencer your little packet, and he’ll check your name off the list.
3. Read your comments thoughtfully and carefully, when you get your writing assignments back.
4. Do a folder log-in.
5. NEW THING:  Theme for English B (pages 42-3 in your book)—we’ll read the Langston Hughes original, and then we’ll read a couple of models so you can see how you might approach this assignment.  (Typed, solid copy due MONDAY, when you walk in the door; it will not be shared aloud, unless you choose to.)
6. LAST THING:  talk about the plan for tomorrow, since I will be up in Guidance conducting sophomore reading interviews.

  • We read.
  • I was on Shelfari checking book reviews.

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