Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14th


  • Timed Writing Journal--Memoir
Writing Experiment
  • I explained the love options on pages 49-50, including the two model poems, and then we took twenty minutes to type, save, then turn in our experiment.
  • We read aloud What Kids Say About Love (pages 51-2).  We giggled.
Writing Assignment
  • "Valentine" by Carol Ann Duffy
  • I read the original version of the poem, and then I read a couple of the student models.  
  • We had about fifteen minutes to type and save.  We'll read these in class tomorrow.
  • We did a folder log-in.
  • I passed out grade sheets.
  • We did a mid-term self-eval to share with parents tonight at conferences
  • We made a Valentine with the limited arts and crafts supplies at our disposal.
  • None

  • Musical Memory Journal
Writing Experiment #8
  • I put up the three options for writing, and I put up a model for the poem, and then we had about fifteen minutes to type.
Small Group Sharing
  • I went over the guidelines and reasons for sharing the Where Were You Last Night (p. 40) with a small group.
  • We got with our groups and went to separate rooms to read aloud, praise, and ask good questions.  
  • We logged this into our folder as a rough draft.

  • We did a folder log-in, and we did a mid-term self-evaluation.
  • We looked at our grade sheets, and people who needed to get straightened out did so.
  • Some people had time to make a little Valentine as well.
  • None
  • Everyone who was already on Shelfari was kind enough to help the rest of the class get on and get moving.  We spent about half the block working on working on our Shelfari pages, or reading.
  • Due to some work being done next door, we left the room in search of a quiet place to read; alas, we were unsuccessful in our endeavor.  So we did not get a ton of reading done today.  :-(

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