Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th, 2010


Homework Due
  • On the iBook hooked to the LCD, type in your "Difficult Sentence".  Put your name in parentheses behind it.  We'll look at them all in a little bit--can't wait!
  • Remember yesterday when you wrote down THREE images that you see repeatedly in your dreams?  Well today we're going to research them.  Use the following links to find out what the images in your dreams MIGHT mean.
  • In the same section where you have your Brain Pain Notes, record the following:
1)  image from your dream
2)  brief summary of dream (one or two sentences)
3)  possible meanings it might have (based on internet research)
4)  what conclusions you can draw, if any, about your dreams

Poetry Elements--What is a symbol?
  • Everyone shared his/her dream interpretations/symbols.
  • We wrote a list of things we'd like to thank a special person for.
  • We listened to Billy Collins read "The Lanyard".  
  • We will be writing our own symbol poem starting tomorrow....
  • Jupiter sentences--how'd we do with that difficult sentence?
  • We taped nametags to our desks, and we did a folder log-in.
  • Still Life (p. 4)
  • Read the directions and the two models in your book, then find a subject later today or tonight.  Type your Still Life poem for tomorrow. 

  • We taped down our nametags.
  • We did a folder log-in.
Writing Experiment #4--I Am a Russian Tailor
  • I read and showed some examples, and then we went to work typing our own poem made up of DRAMATIC and CREATIVE lies.
  • We took fifteen minutes (at least) on that, and then I showed how to use "Track Changes" to comment on each other's work.
  • We traded iBooks with two other people for comments, then saved, printed, and turned our copies in.
Writing Lesson--Diction
  • A Bunch of....  (p. 13) We got with partners and tried to complete the animal pair matching, then discussed our answers.
  • Hasta la Vista, Catchphrases (pages 14-15)  We got into trios to read the definitions and create little skits to show how each one would be used in context.
  • None

  • We read for seventy minutes!  :-)

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