Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


  • Still Life--we shared these aloud, then turned them in.
  • We looked at the words we've adopted, and why we've adopted them.  And we wrote them all down so we can all try to use them.
  • We played ten minutes of Catchphrases to hone our skills.  :-)
  • We talked about what a symbol is, and we discussed some expamples.
  • We split into two groups to read and discuss the three poems using roses.  We asked, "What is the rose symbolizing in each poem?" and "How and why is the rose symbolizing something different in each poem?"
  • I handed out the rubric for the symbol poem, and we discussed it.  This poem is due Monday, and we will share it aloud.
Writing Experiment--Hurtling Towards Cereal Bowl.... (p. 2)
  • I explained the assignment, and I read the two models.  We only had ten minutes remaining, so we will do this assignment first thing tomorrow.


  • We reviewed Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 12), and three people articulated three separate lessons we learned from this page:  1) Don't use "very" and "really" when you write.  2)  Be vivid in your description, so the reader can visualize what you're talking about.  3)  Avoid using generic words like "great" and "awesome", which are imprecise and mean different things to different people.
  • We had the final presentation of the Catchphrases skits, and then we talked about why slang passes in time.
Writing Assignment
  • Death of Language (p. 16)--I explained the assignment, and I read five examples to show what the reasons should look and sound like.  We had twenty-five minutes in class to work on this assignment.  It is due MONDAY.
Writing Experiment #5--Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies
  • I explained the assignment, and I read several models.  We had fifteen minutes to type, and then we traded with a partner for five questions.  We saved them, and we will work on them again tomorrow.
  • Death of Language (due Monday)
  • We read for about seventy minutes.

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