Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011



  • We reviewed what the MLA format looks like for heading.
  • We created a folder on our Student Volume called "ACW", dedicated for the work we do in class this term.

Writing Experiment #1--I Had the Weirdest Dream

  • I read two more models for this assignment from page 1, and then we typed for twenty-five minutes.
  • We saved them in the class folder, as well as our own, and then we read them aloud.
  • Everyone received two to four comments of feedback.  
  • We will finish reading these aloud tomorrow.


  • We talked about "poetic" terms we could use when commenting on each other's work.  I started a list on the Big Screen, which I will copy for everyone, once we add more to it.

Brain Pain--Where in the Whirled?

  • We created a section in our binder for Brain Pain notes.
  • We spent five minutes brainstorming, then five minutes sharing our pain.


  • None



  • Worksheet over pages 4-5


  • I went over MLA format for heading.
  • We created a folder in our Student Volume called "Creative Writing", dedicated for the work we do this term.

Writing Experiment #2--Around the Block

  • I explained the requirements for this assignment, and then I read several models.
  • We took twenty minutes to type, tweak, save and print theses pieces.
  • We got in trios, and we read two other people's poems, and we wrote two positive comments on each, then signed them.
Writing Lesson
  • We talked about what clichés are, and why we shouldn't use them in our writing (p. 8).
  • We spent some time creating anti-clichés, and we shared a few.
  • We will finish these tomorrow.
  • None

Organizational What-Not
  • Everyone picked up a pink daily reading log, and I went over the procedure for filling them out every day.
  • Everyone picked up a yellow Reading Record, filled them out with their first book, then brought them back to me for a quick chat.
  • We read for about sixty-five minutes.

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