Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 (Late Start)

ADVANCED CREATIVE WRITING (only twenty minutes long, due to assembly)

  • I welcomed everyone to class.
  • We got our textbook, and we removed a million staples.
  • I went over the big ideas for the class--and I gave a broad overview of where we're heading.
  • Everyone wrote a letter to me about what we want out of class.
  • I read the "I Had the Weirdest Dream" prompt and my model, so people can be thinking about a dream for tomorrow.
  • None
  • I welcomed everyone to class.
Writing Experiment
  • We did a free write for ten minutes.
Organization/Getting Started
  • We all got a textbook.
  • People wrote questions about the class, and I answered them.
  • Begin with the end in mind.  We talked about what this means.
  • We got a partner, then looked at as many portfolios as we could, while filling out page 21.  We discussed page 21 as a large group.
  • We read the magazine for ten minutes.
  • Complete the worksheet over pages 4 and 5.  (We did the reading strategy in class--read the questions BEFORE you read the passage.)
  • I welcomed everyone to class.
  • I went over how class works.
  • I gave book recommendations from last term.
  • We browsed and selected books.
  • We read.

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