Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, January 31st, 2011


  • Symbol Poem  (I will make copies of these for tomorrow, at which time we will annotate them, then discuss them in a workshop circle.)
  • We had ten minutes to finish the Extravagant Morning/Hurtling Towards Cereal Bowl.... assignment.  We saved these to the "ACW" folder, then shared them to see what kind of DICTION we used!
  • We shared our Alternate Definitions.  :-)
Here are the directions for the second part of class today:

1)  Click on the following link, and read the story about what a six-word memoir is; and make sure you read the excerpts at the bottom of the article--those are six-word memoirs people wrote for the book:

2)  Now go the following website, and spend twenty minutes reading the memoirs there.  You can browse by topic, or you can watch the illustrated memoirs on the main page--just browse, read, and hopefully enjoy.  :-)  Warning:  some of the memoirs do have mature content, so if you see something that offends you, simply click out, and go to a different category.

3)  Type your own six-word memoir (or type multiples!), and save it/them in the "ACW" folder called "Six-Word Memoirs".

4)  IF TIME ALLOWS--You will need earbuds or headphones for this.
Read about a project called "Six Billion Others"
  • Clicking on "The Project" will give you a little background about the project.
  • Clicking on "Discover:  5000 testimonies of 6 billion Others" will take you to the page where you can listen to stories.
  • Is there one story that leaves an impression on you, more than the others?
  • None (unless you need to finish your six-word memoir)

  • Death  of Language
  • I talked about the word "booger"--how it has both a denotative (dictionary) and a connotative (loaded; associative) meaning.
  • We also talked about the word "overweight" as being a non-loaded word, and then we put other synonyms up and talked about which ones were more positive (thick, big-boned, fluffy, voluptuous), and which ones were more negative (fat, tubby, obsese).
  • We partnered up to work on and complete What ARe You Suggesting? on page 18.
  • After lunch, we shared our answers and talked a bit about them.
  • We partnered up again to work on Playing with Words on page 19.  This was really difficult, but we powered through and came up with some strong answers.
  • We shared our answers for page 19.
  • None
  • We read!

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