Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, 12/9/2010


  • We read for seventy-five minutes.
  • I had book chats with people as needed.
  • Shannyn and I logged in and shelved new books.

Writing Lessons

  • Simile--we created similes from given words, wrote them down on page 4, and then shared some.
  • We practiced this skill again with our Simile Creation sheets, where we tried to give writers two more similes for their Love-Is-Like poem.
  • Alliteration--we shared some examples from our Sense Poems, and then we talked about several different sounds and the effect they have (p. 5).
  • We revised the Sense Poems, after I went over the ten questions on page 13.
  • I passed out rubrics for people to use as well.
Pen Pals
  • We got our letters back from our third-grade pen pals, and we started typing our letters back.
  • Finish the Simile Creation worksheet (bright yellow handout).
Animal Farm

Pair-Share, Then Whole-Class Sharing
  • How did each commandment change?
  • What scenes are humorous, and why?
  • What historical connections do you see?  What details from the book resonate with details from history?
  • We spent ten minutes working with the new vocab, then turned our answers in.
  • Mr. Hoover was here to talk about similarities between the book and Russian history.  We took notes, and we asked questions.
  • Check the wiki!

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