Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday, 12/3/2010


  • We read for about seventy-five minutes today.
  • I did a few book chats with people who had finished books.

  • I read aloud twelve of the Life at Thirty stories, and people took notes on the details about who they thought the author might be.
  • I will read the rest of these on Monday.

Writing Workshop

  • I went over a few grammar tips:  direct address, dialogue editing, and when to capitalize family names.
  • I went over the rubric for the Early Memory assignment.
  • We had about thirty minutes to work on this, and then we traded iBooks with a partner to have them proof and edit our drafts.
  • We filled out the rubric, then turned it in with the final draft of the Early Memory.
  • Santa Helper Prep List
Critical Approaches
  • We heard from the Gender/Feminist and Historical duos today.  We will hear from everyone else Monday.
Animal Farm
I assigned the following, and explained briefly what was entailed:
  • Russian Revolution--read pages 100-113, and annotate what you feel is key information.
  • Animal Farm--read chapters 1 and 2, pages 3-18.  Annotate, and create a list of characters to keep them straight.
  • We will have a reading quiz Monday over each reading assignment.
Timed Writing
  • We took forty-five minutes after lunch for writing the Mango Essay Outline

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