Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Modern Prose
  • We read!
  • I had book chats with people who needed them.

Creative Writing

  • Journal #2
  • I showed the slideshow of past projects, and we talked about the requirements on page 22.
Writing Assignment
WE #5:  Earliest Memory
  • I told a story (my earliest memory), and then everyone grabbed an iBook and typed for fifteen minutes on his or her earliest memory (one-two paragraphs).
  • I passed out a poem I'd made out of my earliest memory paragraph. 
  • We talked about how the paragraph and the poem were different.
  • Everyone went to work to type his/her poem, then saved, printed, and turned them in.
  • We had a paper pass-back, and we did a folder log-in.
  • We went over the Unit Overview on page 3 to see what we have learned, and what we're still learning.
Homework for THURSDAY (none for tomorrow)
  • Twenty words/Death of Language

AP English

  • Professor Foster annotations:  It's More Than Just Geography
  • You've finished Frankenstein.
  • You have completed at least one page of notes for your art response essay.
Professor Foster
  • We discussed the geography chapter.
  • I passed back reading quizzes, and we discussed the items as needed.
  • We got into our Vocab War teams, and we shared words we had used thus far.  
  • I defined several of the new words, and people recorded the definitions.
Romantic Art Response
  • We went to the Dartmouth link on my blog, and we read the information there about how to write about art.  
  • We worked on adding to our notes for this essay (two pages due tomorrow).
  • Two pages of notes on your art

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