Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5th, 2010

  • We read for seventy-five minutes.
  • I had daily reading conferences with people I missed yesterday.
  • I had book chats with several people who'd finished books.


Writing Lessons
  • We reviewed Using Precise Adjectives (p. 12), and everyone shared his/her most precise revision.
  • We tried our hand at animal groups with A Bunch of... on page 13.  We checked our answers, and we talked about how many words there are that we don't use and/or don't know the meanings of.
  • We talk about slang--what it is, where it starts, and what happens to it over time (pp. 14-15).  In trios, we performed skits that should the slang in context.
Writing Assignment
  • I asked people to pretend the English language is dying, then think about what words they would save, and why.  We read an article on page 16 that set the tone for this thinking, and then I discussed examples of words and reasons for keeping them.
  • We had twenty minutes to start work on our list of twenty words.
Homework due Tuesday
  • Journal #2
Homework due Wednesday
  • Death of Language/Twenty Words (Use the same format as page 16.).


  • We talked about the big picture for the next few days.
Gothic Literature
  • We defined and discussed what it is, and we talked about how we saw examples of the elements in Frankenstein (pages 3-4 in the purple packet).
  • We looked at a powerpoint of Gothic architecture and discussed how buildings and novels both can have gothic elements.
  • In trios, we translated "Oh My Goth (p.5) into Hemingway style/Minimalist style.
Marissa, Tyler, Chris and Martin, you guys should do this on your own, then e-mail it to me.

Professor Foster
  • I talked about a few challenges people will have when reading "Geography Matters...", and then we read for fifteen minutes.  We finished class by talking about the observations we'd made thus far in this chapter.
Homework for TUESDAY
  • Finish reading Frankenstein.  (annotations due when you come in; reading quiz)
  • Finish reading "Geography Matters...."  (annotations due when you come in)
  • Work for twenty minutes on your note-taking/outline-making for the Romantic Art Response.

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