Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Surprise--we read today!  :-)

I also had a catch-up session with each person in class--talked about their daily reading grade, checked on their book progress, updated the gradebook....


  • I handed out and went over the requirements for the Around the Block Revision.  We talked about how revision is RE-SEEING and RE-THINKING, not just editing.
  • I handed back the Around the Block poems, with comments, and people got to work revising.
  • We spent forty minutes revising.  People who finished early read Earthbook, or read books.
  • We installed our nametags on our desks.


Romantic Art
  • We viewed the slideshow for William Blake.  We took notes, and we talked about some of his motifs, as well as elements from his work that we might call "Romantic".
  • We viewed the slideshow for J. M. W. Turner, and repeated our process from the Blake viewing.
  • I handed out the guidelines for the Romantic Art Response, and I went over it briefly.  People got organized, then started to work on the project.  We had about forty-five minutes to work.
Writing Conferences
  • I conferenced with three people about their essays.
  • Read Frankenstein, through page 128.
  • Work on your Romantic Art Reflection.

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