Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


  • We read for seventy-six minutes today!  :-)



  • Everyone picked up his/her autobiographical poem (rough draft) and a rubric.
  • I put up snippets (one from each person's poem), and we talked about what was strong about each examples:  title, alliteration, detail, line breaks, diction.
  • We had twenty minutes to revise the poem from rough draft to final using our rubric, what we learned in looking at the snippets, and our own insightful brains.
  • People who finished turn their poems in.
  • Any who didn't finish needs to finish for homework, and turn the poem in tomorrow at the beginning of the block.
Collaborative Writing
  • We reviewed the pages in the book about dialogue.
  • We talked about collaboration--working together.  With two brains, you should be extra-sure your editing is correct, and you should have a page-long story composed in the next twenty minutes.
  • We worked for twenty minutes, then saved our stories in the student volume so we could look at them on the Big Screen.
  • We had myriad computer issues, so things went a bit slower today than normal.
  • None


  • Style Elements, page 11
Quick Write
  • We wrote for ten minutes about #3--Gender Roles and Expectations.
Mango Street
We talked in class about things on people's mind regarding the novel:
  • Esperanza's age (lies about her age to get job; Catholic high school)
  • How the girls look older; what happens when they look older
  • Belonging/Fitting In
  • Nuns; crying in the nun's office
  • People want to kiss her
  • more serious topics in this third of the novel
Small Learning Groups
  • We continued our discussion of motifs (p. 7), style elements (p. 11), and characters.
Reading Quiz
  • We took the quiz over pages 30-64.
Independent Reading 
  • ...same drill as two days prior.
  • wikipost--three college questions
  • survey
  • reading--pages 64-94 
  • page 12 in yellow packet

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