Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday, 11/24/2010

1:10 Dismissal


  • We read for fifty-five minutes today.
  • I conferenced with half the class about their daily reading grades, and I did some book chats.


Dialogue Editing

  • We put up four volunteers for the dialogue partner stories, and we read them aloud--hysterical!
  • We gave three positive comments for each story.
  • We corrected at least two dialogue mistakes in each story on the Big Screen.


  • We read aloud as many of the Autobiographical Poems as we had time for.  We kept track of two details we learned about each person, and we shared some of these after each poem was read aloud.
  • Journal #3--at least two pages typed on any topic, but you can focus on the holiday, if you'd like.


The House on Mango Street

  • We discussed the novel, all the questions people had and observations they'd made.
  • We took the reading quiz over pages 64-94.
College Prep
  • We had a distinguished panel of AP English survivors/college people, and they enlightened us with their wisdom.  :-)
  • It's on the wiki!

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