Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


  • We read for about sixty minutes today (ITED-testing schedule).
  • I talked with people who'd finished books.


Writing Lesson

  • Writing and Editing Dialogue
  • We read Tips for Editing Dialogue together (p. 37).
  • I read the questions on the Dialogue Worksheet as a preview to the partner work.
  • People paired up and spent fifteen minutes reading pages 38-41 to find answers for the Dialogue Worksheet.
  • We got back together and checked the Dialogue Worksheet.
  • I also talked about how "Words to Use Instead of Said" (p. 39) can be useful in writing, as long as people don't use an abundance of them all the time!  :-)
  • We passed back papers and folders, and people read their comments, then logged in their pieces.
  • The four seniors selected small sharing groups for tomorrow.
Writing Assignment
  • We got back to our Where Were You Last Night?  We finished typing, worked on dialogue editing, and traded stories with a partner for a first reading.
  • We spent the last ten minutes reading each other's story and making ten comments on it.
  • None

Final Review/Frankenstein Wrap-Up
  • We talked about allusions on page 8.
  • We viewed the wordles, and everyone shared their the-thing-I'm-going-to-take-away-from-Frankenstein-is ... thoughts.
  • We talked about the film clips.
  • We talked about questions people still had from the quiz.
  • Review for the objective final tomorrow.

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