Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010


  • We read about seventy-five minutes today.

  • Writing Experiment #8
Writing Assignment #1
Prompt Word Poem
  • I handed out the rubric for this assignment and went over it.  
  • We reviewed the two things we worked on Friday:  line breaks, and tips for titles.
  • We had thirty minutes to work on this assignment in class (due Wednesday).
Writing Assignment #2
Where Were You Last Night? (p. 20)
  • I went over the assignment, and then I read the start of two stories from the past.
  • We had thirty minutes for this assignment.
  • We will trade it with a partner tomorrow.
  • People came back and showed me their connotation work, pages 18-19.
  • People came back and read aloud their early memory poems.
  • None


Peer Conferencing
  • I reminded everyone about our guidelines for how to be a strong peer conferencer.
  • We traded with a new partner and had a peer conference over draft #2.
  • Everyone wrote a little letter to me about what he/she wants me to comment on in the second draft.
Final Preparation
  • We spent all the time after lunch reviewing for the final.
  • I copied the notes from our in-class discussions for everyone in class.
  • Prepare for the final on Wednesday.
  • Prepare for the essay final and vocabulary final on Thursday.

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