Sunday, November 14, 2010


  • We read!
  • I also put in daily reading grades, and I talked with some people about their books.


Writing Experiment #7

  • We took ten minutes to write.  The writing could be related to war, peace and veterans, or it could be a free-write about any topic.
  • We said "hello" to Unit 2 (p. 29).
Writing Lesson #1
  • Paragraphing--I read and discussed page 30, and then everyone paragraphed page 31 on his/her own.
  • We got with partners and talked about why we broke the paragraphs the way we did.  Some arguments broke out--it was great.  :-)
  • I passed out John Green's original version, with paragraph breaks, and we checked our paragraphs against his.
Writing Lesson #2
  • Line Breaks and Endline--I modeled how I wanted partners to work on page 32, and then we took ten minutes to work on the poems on that page, breaking them into lines.
  • We talked about how we broke the lines and why.
  • We looked over the eight items on page 33, but we'll go into more detail on that on Monday.
Writing Lesson #3
  • Tips on Titles (p. 36)--we read the tips there, and then we went through Earthbook to find three strong titles, and three week titles.
  • Writing Experiment #8--This I Believe or Making a Comeback, twenty minutes


Peer Conferencing
  • I went over Nick and John's peer conference example from last year.
  • We traded the Romantic Art Essays.
  • We took twenty minutes for peer conferences.
Frankenstein Review
  • We talked about the Frame Story, and we took some notes in our packet.
  • We created the Frankenstein Wordle:
  • See the wiki!

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