Thursday, November 11, 2010

  • We read for approximately seventy-five minutes.
  • I had book chats with some people who'd finished 


  • Death of Language
Writing Experiment #6
  • Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies
Writing Lesson
  • Diction--Save the Words!
Writing Assignment
  • Prompt Word Poem
  • Rubric explanation
  • Think about the things you're grateful to veterans for; we'll write the letter tomorrow.

AP English

  • We talked about the motifs up on the Big Screen, and we added to our list.  I printed notes and gave copies to everyone for the final review.
Style Exercise
  • We got into trios and share our translations of Shelley into Hemingway.
  • Each trio chose the translation it felt was most in Hemingway's style.
  • The nominees each read their translation aloud to the whole class--thank you, McKenzie, Alex, Josh, Marissa and Cody.
  • Josh was selected by the class as the writer who most captured Hemingway's style.
Final Review
  • I handed out the review sheet, and I went over it and answered questions.
Reading Quiz
  • We took the final quiz over the novel today.
  • I handed out the expectations for the reflection journal, and people had time to start them in class.  They need to be finished for homework.
  • Frankenstein Wordle words (full explanation on wiki AND in your wiki mail)
  • 1 1/2 pages rough draft of Art Essay (full explanation on blue rubric; Dartmouth essay; "Connections" chapter from TSIS)
  • Reflection, if you didn't finish it in class.

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