Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


  • We read for seventy-five minutes.
  • I did book chats with people who were ready for them.



  • Musical Memory


  • We got papers back, and we did a folder log-in.


  • I showed two slideshows from previous years, Erica's and Miguel's.  We used page 22 to talk about them (creativity, etc.).
  • People got on to the student volume and looked at other electronic portfolios there.

Peer Conference

  • I explained the checklist for the Prompt Word Poem Trade-and-Grade, and then we drew names for partners, then traded and graded!
Collaborative Writing
  • Dialogue Stories--I explained how to do this, using page 37 as a bit of an example, and people got their partners and started typing.  We saved on the Student Volume.  We will finish these tomorrow!
  • None

AP English

Quick Write
  • We wrote for ten minutes on Freedom and Entrapment (p. 16; #2).
  • We got back papers.
Small Learning Group (pages 3-30 of Mango)
  • I explained how I want these groups to function--equality for all; focus on tasks; warm-up for class discussion.
  • I explained items on the agenda:  style discussion (p. 12); character discussion (p. 6); motifs discussion (p. 7)
  • We had about ten minutes in groups, and then we had fifteen minutes with the whole-class discussion following.
Reading Quiz
  • We took the quiz over pages 3-30 of Mango.
Independent Reading
We used the rest of our time to do the following:
  • read pages 31-64 of Mango
  • continue annotating.
  • continue filling in page 11 (Style).
  • continue keeping track of characters.
  • do the study guide in your head.
  • Do anything listed under "Independent Reading" that you did not finish during class.

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