Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

  • We read for forty-five minutes today.
  • Marina presented a slideshow about Belgrade.


Six-Word Memoirs
  • We put one from everybody up on the Big Screen.
Autobiographical Poem
  • I explained the skeleton frame for this assignment (p. 34).
  • I read Kyle's poem as an example (p. 35).
  • I also read Martha's, Jacque's and Jayme's as models, to give people ideas.
  • We had twenty-five minutes to type a draft of this poem.
  • We turned these in for me to read and comment on.
  • Musical Memories Journal (p. 46)


  • Frankenstein Reflective Journal (Typed)
  • We wrote about self-definition and identity in our journals.  We used prompt #1 on page 16 on the yellow Mango packet.
Literary Eras
  • We pair-shared about what eras we've toured, and we talked about where our gaps are.  (pages 18-20)
  • We got back together as a whole class to discuss the same.
The House on Mango Street
  • I walked people through an overview of pages 1-2.
  • I read an itty-bitty bit of the first chapter.
Independent Work Time
We used all our time after lunch (about twenty-five minutes, after I finished explaining all the work) to read the novel, pages 3-30, and get a start on all the following (for homework Monday):
  • Read Better Note-Taking (p. 5 in the yellow Mango packet)
  • Annotate as you read.
  • Record elements of style on page 10.
  • Record characters on page 6.
  • Answer the study guide questions in your head.  (Reading quiz questions will be drawn from the study guide.)

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