Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


We installed our nametags.

We read for approximately seventy minutes today.

I had book chats with four people who'd finished their books.


  • W went over the Unit 1 questions and activities (page 3).  We talked about what we'd learned thus far, and we looked at what we're still going to learn.
Writing Experiment #3--I Am a Russian Tailor
  • Write a poem that is a list of CREATIVE, DRAMATIC lies about yourself.  
  • I read Alex's and Kelsie's to show people possible ways to do this assignment.
  • A few people shared their lies, and we worked on them, added to them, gave them more detail.
  • We all wrote or typed for ten minutes, then traded our poems three times for smiley's.
  • We finished up by hearing a line from each person.
Writing Lesson
  • We took five minutes to read over pages 9 and 10.  We put questions marks by the ones we didn't understand, put smileys by the one we thought were funny, and put frownies by the ones we thought were bad.  We discussed a bit.
Writing Assignment
  • I read "Damsels in Distress", the Cliché Trio Story model written by Andy, Nick and Jamie.
  • I put people into trios, and we spent fifteen minutes looking for clichés to use and thinking of our storylines.
  • Journal #1--here's the handout I gave in class today:

Journal #1

Please write “yes” or “no” in the blank provided.

_______1)            I have read page 6 in my textbook about what a journal can be. 
Here is the one statement I liked best from that page:

________2)            I’ve typed, doublespaced a MINIMUM of two pages on any topic of my choosing.                                                  (Keep in mind “acceptable material”.) 
I can use page 7 in my textbook for ideas, if I want to.

________3)            I’m putting my journal in the drawer when I walk in the door on Tuesday, November 2nd.


My journal is                         fiction                        nonfiction                        poetry                        combination                        (circle one)


  • Everyone showed me their Professor Foster chapter annotations.

Professor Foster
  • We discussed "It's More Than Just Rain or Snow".
  • We talked about people's questions over the novel, through page 54.  You guys took the lead today, and that was awesome!
  • I handed out a page of notes on Romanticism in Art, and we watched a powerpoint as well.
  • We listened to five minutes of Chopin's Etude #3 in E Major, Opus 10.
  • We talked about the structure for Vocab War, and we reached agreement on some procedural details--more tomorrow.
  • Read through page 70 on the novel.  We will have a reading quiz tomorrow.

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