Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


  • We read about seventy minutes.
  • We did some quick book briefs.  (This is the book I'm reading, and what I like best so far about it is....)
  • I had book chats with people who'd finished a book.


  • Journal #1--we stapled the half-sheet on top, then threw it in the drawer.
Independent Reading
  • We had fifteen minutes to read Earthbook, enjoy it, and find three pieces we might want to read aloud to the rest of the class.
Writing Reminder
  • Don't plagiarize!  We went over the worksheet over pages 4 and 5 (Academic Fraud; Earthbook Editorial Policy).
Writing Assignment
  • We pair-shared about what we're expected to do (or not do) in our groups.  I added a few items to clarify expectations.
  •   We reviewed the requirements for the Cliché Trio Story (page 11), and we reminded ourselves where the clichés were (online, and on pages 9-10 in our books).
  • I passed out an example of the story (the one I read aloud yesterday) so people could see how to do the MLA format, how to edit dialogue, how to doublespace, etc.
  • We had fifty minutes to work on our stories in our trios.
  • We saved and printed at the end of the block.
  • We passed back papers, and we logged in the three items we got back today.
  • None

  • I handed out notes on motifs, which we went over and discussed some.
  • We pair-shared about the motifs we see in Frankenstein thus far.
  • We got back together as a whole class, and we discussed what motifs we're seeing, as well as examples from the novel to show what we mean.  
  • We discussed and clarified elements of the novel as we did this--lots of thoughtful discussion!
Reading Quizzes--Frankenstein
  • We took the time after lunch to take reading quiz #2 (through page 70), and people who needed to take reading quiz #1 did that as well.
  • We had the rest of the time to read.
  • Read through page 90 for tomorrow.

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