Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, 10/29/2010


  • I explained how to prepare for a book chat using Austin's bookmark journal model.
  • I explained how to do make-up reading and keep track of it (neon green handout).
  • Shannyn established the carpet corner system.
  • I talked with everyone about his/her daily reading grade, and I did book chats with people who needed them.
We ready for seventy minutes today.


  • Scary Starter Story
Writing Experiment #2
  • We wrote or typed for fifteen minutes about our best Halloween or fall memory.  (We brainstormed for ideas first, and we got a solid collection of ideas put up on the board.)
Small Group Sharing
  • I went over expectations for the small groups, and then we broke into groups of five to share the Scary Stories, and give people a couple of comments.
  • We got log-in sheets and logged in our first three pieces.
  • We got our folders and decorated them.
  • We got our index cards, and we decorated them as nametags.
  • None


  • We discussed your questions for half an hour.
  • We went over the vocabulary, pronouncing every word and reviewing the definition very briefly.
  • I passed out the additional glossary, but we didn't have time to discuss it--more Monday.
  • After lunch we spent fifteen minutes with a partner finding the vocabulary in the book and explaining how the word was being used in context.
  • I showed Romanticism Powerpoint #1, and people took notes.
  • Read the Professor Foster chapter 10, "It's More Than Just Rain or Snow".
  • Read the novel up through page 54.  Please continue the solid job you are doing with close reading, and be ready for a reading quiz Monday.

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