Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 10, 2010


We have ten days left of class!

  • Homework rehearsal #1
  • We viewed and took the photopeach quizzes over the eight vocabulary words we're still working on.  We filled out a little info on each one we viewed, and we left the creator a kind, specific comment
  • I explained the Prep Sheet #1, and then everyone filled their sheet out for Book #1.
  • Everyone paired up, and they read to each other, and filled out an evaluation rubric for their partner, which we turned in when completed.
  • In 2nd block, we passed back papers and grade printouts.
  • In 1st block, we didn't have time, so we'll do it tomorrow.

AP English

  • Fifteen words--motifs and important ideas from Oedipus Rex
  • Five dramatic irony examples
Dramatic Irony
  • In trios, we shared and discussed our ideas; we added to our list on the handout I gave.
  • We got back together as a whole class and put our ideas up on the Big Screen, so we have a HUGE list of dramatic ironies.
Oedipus Rex
  • We started reading at page 50, and we finished the play.
  • We talked about our key words, and we ordered them according to importance.  (We did this in preparation for the Wordle tomorrow.)
  • Check your handout for the two assignments.

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