Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, 9/29/2010



  • We worked all block on the vocab quiz/photopeach project.  I went to my blog, and I played the sample vocab quiz slideshow I created.   Here are some of the directions I put up in class:
Assignment:  Create a vocabulary slideshow.
1. Go to
2. Create an account.
3. Write down your user name and password!  If you can’t access this quiz later, you will fail this assignment.
4. Title it, “________________’s Vocab Quiz.”
5. Leave “description” blank.
6. Just pick ANY music for now that you like from the first three choices tabs.  You can always go back and pick another song later.
7. Select “1 Slower”.
8. Upload all your pictures.  If you don’t have all sixteen right now, you can go back and add them later.  You must use ALL SIXTEEN pictures.
9. You need to use ALL EIGHT new vocab words, in a randomized order:
a. Tenacious
b. Pacify
c. Cerebral
d. Incongruous
e. Nefarious
f. Inconsequential
g. Formidable
h. Exasperation
10. Your answer choices  (a, b, c) need to be vocab words from your green grid.

When We Finish
We’re going to have THREE people in class test our shows:
Are all words spelled correctly?
Are all words in the right form?
Are all “correct” answers actually correct?
Is everything classroom-appropriate?  (Rated G, or PG—no PG13 or higher!)


  • I showed two more Barbies.
  • We continued notecard review with rounds 4 and 5.  
  • We got a copy of the master list, and we went over it to see who we were still missing.  (The fix-up for that was round 5.)
  • We took Itty-Bitty Vocab Quiz #3.
  • Study your mythology notecards for fifteen minutes tonight.

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