Tuesday, September 28, 2010



  • We revised what Super Signals are.
  • I read aloud the "Meat" story, and people asked questions, made predictions, and made inferences.
  • I handed out the Looking for Alaska excerpt, and I explained how to circle the Super Signals, then explain how they would give you clues on how to read.
  • We pair-shared.
  • We talked briefly about some of the Super Signals, and then we turned the excerpts with our notes in.
Independent Reading
  • We had forty-five minutes for reading.
  • I had conferences with people who had finished books.


  • We got into trios and did three rotations of our notecard review for the final (forty-five minutes).
  • We played "Who Am I?" (fifteen minutes).
  • We played Bingo (fifteen minutes).
  • We took Itty-Bity Vocab Quiz #2.
  • Study the last six vocab words we haven't quizzed over yet.

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