Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday--September 27, 2010


  • We briefly reviewed the first four words.
  • We discussed four new words:  tenacious, pacify, cerebral, and incongruous.
  • We found two pics for each new vocab word, and we saved them in our vocabulary pictures folder on our student volumes.
  • Everyone perused a copy of the of Fluency Rubric, and we talked about what each item meant.
  • I read part of a story called, "They're Made Out of Meat," and people evaluated me on my fluency.
  • We pair-shared to find all the Super Signals we could in the story.
  • We discussed those Super Signals, and we recorded them on our Super Signals chart.


  • Myth Essay and Self-Evaluation
  • I went over the plan for the next week and a half.
  • I talked briefly about what a city-state was.
  • I put people into city-states (trios), and they worked on pages 13 and 14.  We came back together to compare notes on page 14.
  • We got back with our city-states to respond to pages 17 and 18--words we use today that owe their names to Greek mythology.
  • I explained how the notecard review would work.
  • We had fifteen minutes to create our first three cards (the Barbie; the powerpoint; and the FB page)
  • We had ten minutes to review the words.
  • We decided on the five words we'd study for tonight and have a quiz over tomorrow:  ambiguous, circumlocution, resonance, irony and symbol.
  • Study for the vocabulary ittty-bitty quiz.

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