Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday, October 1st

Plans for Friday, 10/1/2010

I am hope with strep throat ☹ , so here’s what I’d like you guys to do today:

Block 1: Reading (8:10-9:01)
Block 2: Reading (9:05-9:56)
1. Please get out your Super Signals sheet, and review it.
2. Get an orange Bookmark Journal page off the circle table by my desk, and read over it.  I did an example for you at the bottom.
3. Grab your pink reading log off the back table as well.
4. Read and relax—but no one in the carpet corner today.
5. As you read, find THREE DIFFERENT Super Signals in your book.  Write the sentence where you found the Super Signal in your book—then explain what the Super Signal is telling you about how to read that sentence, and what the speaker is feeling.
6. At the end of the block, please neatly pile your pink daily logs up on the table, and put your completed Bookmark Journals in the drawer.
7. Have a good rest of your Homecoming week and weekend!  ☺

Block 3: AP English (10:55-12:20; lunch from 11:25-11:50)
1. Play Vocab Sushi until 11:15.  
2. Write your CURRENT level on Vocab Sushi here:_________.
3. At 11:15, get on the wiki, and read the discussion board for the Mid-Term Exam Review.
4. Flip through your binder and textbook, and flag all the pages that will be vital to your test-prep.
5. After lunch, get back into your book selection groups from yesterday.  Talk to each other about how you are going to prepare for the final.  Share ideas and strategies.  (10 minutes)
6. Get back on the wiki, and post a five-point plan—a detailed list of what actions you will take over the weekend to prepare for the final (daily grade).  
7. After you post and put the iBooks away, play another few rounds of Who Am I?  (Problem-solve--Who’s going to run it?  Whose cards are we going to use?)

Study for the mid-term exam.
Wiki Post—by 9PM Sunday night
o Post a paragraph detailing HOW you studied for the exam.  What did you do?  How well did it work?  What have you mastered?
o Then post a second paragraph detailing what you still need to focus on between now and Wednesday—what are you still having trouble remembering?  Where are the gaps?  Where do you feel uncertain?

Have a good rest of your Homecoming week and weekend!  ☺

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