Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Here's what we did in class today: 

Vocabulary Directions
For your daily vocabulary grade today, please do the following:

  • 1.   On your green handout, write down, “Areas Where You Can Be a CONNOISSEUR”.
  • 2.   As you watch the slideshow, write down the areas in which you can be a CONNOISSEUR.
  • 3.   Talk to me about what you saw!

What We’re Connoisseurs At:
Texting x 3; Chocolate milk x 2; Quarterback-ing; Music; Sleeping; Bacon; Pickles; Serve-receive; Softball; Ham; Pickle-wraps; Music; Books; Swimming; Steak; Bowling; Alfredo; Soccer; Macaroni

  • 1.   Write down three situations in which a person might keep himself/herself ALOOF from others.  Make sure you write them down in enough detail that I can see your thinking. 
  • 2.   Talk to me about one of your situations.

  • ·      I might keep myself ALOOF from other people if I’m a foreign exchange student, and I don’t know how to speak the language.
  • ·      I might keep myself ALOOF if I’m a new student and keep myself away from others.
  • ·      I might keep myself ALOOF from other people if I’m sick and stay away from people so I don’t get them sick.
  • ·      I might be ALOOF when my mom comes to check my room, because I don’t want to clean it.
  • ·      I might be ALOOF if I’m mad at someone and don’t want to see them so I won’t blow up at them, or punch them in the gut, or stab them in the eye with a pencil.
  • ·      I might be ALOOF if I’m tired, because I stay away from people so I can rest.
  • ·      I might be ALOOF if I’m in the grocery store and see someone I know, but I don’t want to talk to them, so I dart into a different aisle.

 Six-Way Paragraph Directions
  • 1. Now, instead of doing the six-way paragraph by yourself today, you’re going to work on it WITH a partner.
  • 2. Read the questions aloud first.
  • 3. Then read the piece to yourself.
  • 4. Then discuss and answer the questions.

When You’re Finished
·     Quiz each other over the green vocab grids—the vocab test is Friday.
·     We’ll check the six-way when I see everyone quizzing each other on the vocab words.

After We Check the Paragraph
·      Score your page, and plot your score on the hot pink sheet.
·      Put the papers you’re getting back into the correct sections of your binder.

Read and Relax
  • 1.    Do a Bookmark Journal today on PREDICTION.  It should start like this, “I think what will happen next is….”
  • 2.    Re-do your inference, if I wrote you a note to do so.  An inference should start like this, “Even though it doesn’t say it in the text, I think what’s really going on is….”
  • 3.   Chat with me about make-up reading, if you have some you need me to put in the gradebook.
  • 4.   Have a book chat with me if you’ve finished a book.  I’m going off the yellow and orange lists on the board.
  • 5.   No one is in the carpet corner today.  You need to be in your HOME SEATS for Read-and-Relax. 


  • Mythology Barbie/Ken/Action FIcture

  • What are annotations?  Why do we use them?
  • Professor Foster's chapter 9--"It's All Greek to Me"
  • What is "AP-level thinking"?
  • How should you use the models I give you?
  • reminders (and pass-back of wiki #8 grades).
  • ...quick-wirte observations (and pass-back of QW#4).
Greek Mythology
  • After lunch, we watched the History Channels "Gods and Goddesses".  We took notes, and we discussed a little as we watched.
  • You need to post your mythology Facebook Profile by 10PM tonight.

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